TV Competitions And The Myth Of Online Entry

TV Competitions - A Fair Chance?A close family member’s recent £4,000 win on one of the David Dickinson Real Deal TV competitions has put the smile firmly back on his face after a very lean spell on the comping front. He’s won some nice prizes from various places in the past, but this is by far the biggest. It’s not going to keep him in luxury for a lifetime, but it’s a very welcome sum and a large enough one to be a talking point among friends.

Lots of them expressed surprise that he’d bothered to enter at all, given the extortionate price of phone entry and the microscopic chances of winning. They were even more surprised on discovering that he hadn’t phoned in his entry, but had entered online free of charge via the programme’s website. ‘But no one wins with the free entries!’, they say. ‘ The TV companies are just interested in making money from the phone charges’.

If you’re one of the many who think that online competition entry is a waste of time when the TV competitions company has a lucrative phone-in system to promote and that ‘free’ entry gets you nowhere, you can relax. Someone somewhere is going to be paying quite handsomely for your entry, but it isn’t going to be you.

TV companies do actually gain from free online entries and are just as keen to encourage you to visit their websites as they are to encourage you to pick up the phone. The online advertising industry is worth billions, and the people behind television competitions do their very best to drive traffic to their sites because then they can demand huge fees from advertisers keen to divert all those eyeballs towards their products.

Regulations mean that UK competitions do have to award a prize and can’t just claim to, and although I imagine that just means a single prize (if that was all that was offered) whatever the means of entry, the TV competitions companies cannot afford to show a bias either way unless they want word to get around that any of the forms of entry they promote aren’t worth the effort.

I now know from personal experience that people do win when entering TV competitions online. You have nothing to lose by entering as many as you like in this way, and have as much chance as anybody else of winning. Good luck!