The Tangle Teezer Review: Are Tormented Tresses A Thing Of The Past?

Tangle Teezer ReviewI think it’s safe to say that I have what might tactfully be called ‘untamed’ hair, and that sadly for her, my eight year-old has inherited it too. I must have spent hours over the years dealing with tangled hair. Consequently I was tempted when I heard of the Tangle Teezer, but when I saw it in a shop I didn’t think it looked particularly impressive. It’s not wildly expensive, but was more than I was prepared to fork out for what seemed to be ‘just another hairbrush’. As this Tangle Teezer review should demonstrate, appearances can be deceptive.

My opinion quickly changed after the morning when, in the middle of one of our regular detangling sessions, I decided that my daughter’s hair looked ‘okay’ because I couldn’t stand another minute of complaints and yells of ‘Oww!’, only to experience the mortifying moment later that day when my mother-in-law offered to cut my daughter’s fringe and discovered the chaos that was really going on at the back. ‘Not to worry’ she said, cheerfully producing a Tangle Teezer with all the glee of a kid with a new toy ‘These things are marvellous!’

And indeed they are. She made such short work of removing the tangles with it that I couldn’t get one of my own quickly enough. They work well on our hair when it’s dry, and even better when it’s wet with a little conditioner on. Best of all, there are no complaints from my daughter during the detangling procedure and I can be confident that she’s not finding the Tangle Teezer painful because I use it myself often too. My only complaint is that you need to keep a bit of a tight grip on it if you’re using it in the shower as it’s roughly the size of a large bar of soap, has the same slippery surface when wet and behaves in the same way. A strip of webbing across the back or some other kind of handle would have been useful.

These days our hair looks in such good condition that we’re slowly becoming proud of our curls rather than viewing them as something of a curse. The Tangle Teezer has firmly put paid to hair-related stress on a morning, and I’ll definitely never be thinking of it as ‘just another hairbrush’ again.

Furthermore, I now think that every Tangle Teezer is a cheap Tangle Teezer as the new and improved condition of our hair means that I’ve saved a fortune on the hair care products I used to buy to tame it. A Tangle Teezer review would not be complete without mentioning that the product can also be used to remove tangles from hair extensions without breaking or detaching them, and also from wigs. I’ve not had cause to use ours for these purposes but I’m certain we’ll never want to be without it again.