Keeping Warm – Quickly Quash Quivers With A Quishion

QuishionYou might think that with an over-eager heating system like ours that it would be easy keeping warm during the winter, but it’s insistence on achieving full blast within minutes and settling for nothing less means that we’re usually feeling one of two temperatures – arctic or tropical, and one is just as uncomfortable as the other. The Icelandic-like cold snaps of the last two years have made me determined to strike the middle ground, and so this year I’ve purchased a JML Quishion for each of us. A cross between a quilt and a cushion, these have been getting a lot of press in these times of high energy bills and frozen or reduced incomes.

On arrival they were examined with interest by the entire family, apart from my youngest son, who clearly thinks he’s far too manly for such things and made a few grunts and derisive faces at his before handing it back to me. Although it’s only October and we’ve had a very mild autumn this year, the rest of us have got some use out of ours already. During the unseasonal heatwave we had at the end of September, they made such marvellous lightweight quilts that I expect them to be periodically pressed into service throughout the year, rather than just in the winter as planned. I’ve never liked sleeping on top of the covers in the summer and feel weirdly vulnerable (to what I don’t know) without something over me, so usually resort to throwing the duvet on the floor and sleeping under the empty cover. It’s a lot easier to zip up a Quishion when making up the bed afterwards than it is to wrestle a quilt back into it’s cover.

I’ve been keeping warm with my Quishion too. I keep the door of my home office (AKA a tiny corner of my bedroom) open when I’m working so that I’m not too disconnected from the family, but I’m usually troubled by the draft that whizzes down the hall and along the floor from the bathroom air vent (we keep that door open all the time too when it’s unoccupied as it was the only reliable way that the kids knew there was a vacancy when they were small and the habit has stuck). I’m troubled by the draft no longer though. On the few recent days when there’s been a chill in the air I just sit typing away with my unzipped Quishion over my knees – ‘like a little old Granny’, according to my husband. There’s nothing ‘little old Granny-like’ about my oldest son though, and his Quishion has already been off on two youth leadership courses with him and will be away to another one at the weekend.

After I had a minor operation a week or so ago I was snug on the sofa under my unzipped Quishion, and felt quite cold without it. You really realise just how much heat they’re holding when you pull them away. Speaking of the sofa, mine is now draped with my youngest son’s unclaimed and unzipped Quishion (although I can see he’s starting to waver!) and two zipped up ones that seem to have decided to live downstairs. All our Quishions are cream, and I think the sofa looks really smart. What I like best though about having those on the sofa is that the regular quilts don’t get trailed up and down the stairs and so there’s no room for accidents there. They’re a lot bigger than they appear in the advertising to be (to me at least). They are generously sized as cushions and when unfolded as a quilt cover the entire top of a double bed.

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